I have received my first pledge on this project today on Kickstarter.

It’s only a dollar, but a very wise old man told me years ago, “Despise not, small beginnings”, so I will keep my ever hope-fuLL attitude, and encourage others to join in the support of my first CD project for release in 2012.

I need $5000 in pledges in the next 28 days, or the CD don’t get funded in this round.

I win, ‘cuz I don’t quit, has long been my motto.

Any amount will help.

Pledge at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/revbarrywillieblack/rev-barry-willie-black-comin-loose

As you can see… this site is Under Construction.

If you have been directed here by a link I have posted, thanks for following through.

I am still working on this and will post the production site as soon as possible.

In the mean time, maybe you should check out my sites at:

Reverend Barry Willie Black


Favorite Local Bands

This is the ad I have posted at Austin’s Craigslist:

The Luck, Texas Rangers… and Barry Willie Black… want you!

I’ve wasted too much time and money getting this far.

I am Reverend Barry Willie Black, and I am “The Rogue Prince of Texas”.

It has been said that I sing Willie songs better than Willie, and that folks think Willie is “in the house” until they see it’s me singing.

Check out my site at http://www.barrywillieblack.com

I also own (some are still under construction, but they are mine): http://www.favoritelocalbands.com http://www.lucktexasrangers.com/ http://www.therogueprincesoftexas.com/ http://www.holeinthewallstudio.net/ http://www.underdawgmusic.com/ http://www.texasmusicandculture.com/h3/

I have done demo recordings of over 800 songs so far, including over 120 songs that Willie Nelson has recorded, and almost 200 songs that were Number 1 Country hits ranging from 1944 to 2010… and I’m shooting for 300 before I’m done with that… and 1000 covers before the original music starts to come out.

The long list of songs I have already finished raw demo recordings of are on my site at: http://barrywillieblack.com/discography/barry-willie-black-long-song-list/

I have posted some on my own profile at Favorite Local Bands, just so folks can get a glimpse of what I’ve been up to… here’s that address: http://www.favoritelocalbands.com/Barry_Willie_Black/

I also have a considerable list of songs that I have classified as “You Did What?”, such as OMG by Usher, and Toxic by Brittney Spears, which have become my two most requested songs when I hit the karaoke bars. (Imagine that!)

As you can see, I’m committed!

It’s time to get “On The Road Again”.

If you can play “Willie songs”, or are just good at picking up songs from practice, and would like to be part of “The Luck, Texas Rangers” … reply by hitting the email link provided.

If you prefer something more than Willie songs, I have already begun the site and plans for a band called “The Rogue Princes of Texas”, and folks can be part of either, or both.

Rev. Barry Willie Black

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